About Us

With thirteen years of experience within the concrete industry and an extensive research and development programme, we combine nature, design and technology to create our products.

Using sealers that penetrate and bind with the concrete, yet always keeping the natural touch and feel you would expect from concrete. Working with light weight GFRC and UHPC concrete to give us high strength and tensile force through fibre reinforcement. This allows us more freedom and versatility than standard concrete. We are therefore able to produce a wide range of products like basins, 3D wall tiles, wall cladding and counter tops. These are all available in our colour range.

Our Philosophy

Imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective. Therefore, at the Concrete Corporation, we always embrace the challenges of casting concrete with all its natural characteristics and flaws. Striving to consistently produce high end, quality products and deliver outstanding services to all our clients. We stay committed to our roots in concrete, yet continuously working to improve our products all the time. Ensuring that we stay on the forefront of new products and technology.

Commission Work & Custom Castings

Having a good understanding for concrete, we are able to work well with architects, interior designers and decorators, commercial and residential. Through 3D design software and CNC machining, we are able to use technology to our advantage to assist with mould making. But where the technology ends, people still play a vital role in the completion of our products. Concrete remains a very hands-on, labour intensive product which is why, we at Concrete Corporation are proud to call our products hand crafted. From mould making, castings and finishing, our team knows what it takes to create beautiful products.

Our Team

Lumar Fourie

Concrete Corporation Founder

Growing up in the concrete jungle he has always been passionate about research, development and design. With extensive experience within the concrete industry he has always found a way to shape and mould new designs and ideas into reality. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible has always been part of his character and this has played a vital role in the success of The Concrete Corporation.

Attention to detail, quality and customer satisfaction will always be imbedded with the organization. The possibilities of this wonder material concrete has always seem limitless, making for an exciting future.

Rolf Meyer

Sales and Operational Manager 

With a back ground in design and fabrication stemming from the cabinetry industry, Rolf found a natural transition in to the world of concrete. Bringing with him more than 20 years’ worth of knowledge gained from the industry, He now gets to create and explore the new boundaries of GFRC and UHPC concrete. Together with Lumar, they now head up the team at The Concrete Corporation, creating bespoke high end cabinetry for the market.